Lord Mahavira Homoeopathic Medical College
Established in the Sacred Memory of Lord Mahavira's 25th Nirvana Centenary
Homoeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments.
Lord Mahavira

Clinical Material


Auto Clave, A.C., Ambu Bag, Anaesthesia Trolley, Bedside Lockers, Beds, Baby Cradles, Bed Sheets, Blankets, Benches, Bed Pans, Bulbs, Buckets, B.P. Apparatus, Boiler, Boylis Apparatus, Boiler, Boylis Apparatus, Bab Cock, Bllades, Bowls, Chairs, Chiramchi Stand, Curtains, Call Bell, Coolers, Catheter( Suction ), catheter ( Rubber ), Caps, Chiramchis, Cylinder Stand, Currettc, Cidex Chamber, Circuit Bag, CAnula, Drums, DustBin, Dialators, Doplar, Exhaust Fan, Enema Can, Extension Board, Electric Kettle, Electric Cautery, Examination Tables, Examination Lights, Fans, Foot Steps, Fooot Suction, Forceps, Foetal Doppler, Foetoscope, formalin Machine, Godraj Almirah, Geysers, Geysers, Gowns Green+White, Gloves Cover, Green Armytage, Gauze Than, Heaters, I.V. Stand, Instrument Trays, Instrument Trolley, Instrument Cabinet, Inverters+battery, Jugs, Kurta, Pyjama, Frocks, Kochar, Kidney Tray, knife Handle, Laryngoscope, Mattresses, Mirrors, Macantosh Sheet, Mugs, Mats, M.R. Syringe, Mosquito, MAskes, Needle Holder, O.T. Chappals, O.T. Lights, Oxygen Cylinder, OxygenMask, Pillows, Punching Machine, Pen Stand, Plastic Apron, Phototherapy Unit, Preg Cards, Refrigerators, Sablizer, Strature, Suction machine, Stools, Sheets, Steets, Steels Containers, Stappler, Soap Cases, Stamps Pads, Spot Light, Safety Razor, Scissors, Stetho Scope, Sim's Speculum, Suction Tip, Suction Pipe, Sponge Holder, Screen (X-Ray viewing), Tabls, Table Telephone Sets, Tube Lights, Torches, Thermometer, Toilet Brush, Towel Hanger, TOwel Clips, Tenaculum, Utrine Sound, Valselum, Weighing MAchane, Wheel Chairs, Wall Clock, Wrapping Sheets, Wipers, Water Cooler, Water Filter, Leggings Traingular, Pulse 02 Metor

Gynae Wing

Iron Beds Simple, Iron Bed(Surgical), Iron Beds(Children with sides close), Iron Bed with Cradle, Flower's BEd, Bed Side Locker, Wooden Steels, Bed-Head tickests Holders, Temperature Chart Holders, Spitoons with Stands, Office Table, Office Chairs, Racks, Linen Box (tin) Big Size, Dirty Linen Boxes, Stretcher with Trolley, I.V. Stands, Screen (Folded), I.V. Sets with Trolley, Blood Transfusion Sets, Sterilizers, Rectangular Trays with Civer Lid, big Basins Enamel, Urine pots,Male and female, Bed Pans E.I., Ice Capes, Hot water Bottels, Air Cushion,Rules Tube, Flatus Tube, Stomach Tube, Mounth JArs, Buket E.I., Stomach Tube Funnel, Tongue Depresso, Suction Machine, suction Tube, I.P. Needle, Aspiration Needles, Sternal Puncture Needels, liver Biopsy Needle, Artry Forceps, Small and Big, Back Rest, Oxygen Cylinder With Stand, Themometers, Syringes (2C.C.4C.C.), Hypodermic Needles,diff.Size, Dressing Drums (big), Tracheostomy Set, Enema Can with Nozzle and tube, Diagnostic Set, Cheatle Forceps, Feeding cup, Enema Syringes, Infra-red Lamp, Torches, Sciessors, Sputum Mugs, Mucous Suckers, Forceps,Plane and Toothed, Sausepan, Ounce Glass, Measuring Glasses, Sponge Holding Forceps, Iron Almirah, Chair Trolle with Whools, Refrigerator, Cooler, Roome Heater, Plain Trolley Different Sizes

Consumable Articles

Medical case sheets, Surgical case sheet, Temperature charts, Supplymentary sheets, Treatment charts, Discharge cards, pathological books, Blood requisition froms, Intake output charts, X-ray forms, Gyneacological and Obst; Case sheets, White papers, Registers, Reb blue pencils, Cotton, Bandage, Gauge, Adhesive Plaster, Soap, Mattresses (Jute & Cotton), BEd sheets, Pillows, Blankets, Draw sheets, Maikintosh sheets (Metress), Aprons, Maskes, Caps, Glovers 7/2 NC, Patients pant or pyjama

Eye Wing Stock

Lim's forceps, Lens Expressor, COrneal Forceps, Lens Holding Forceps, Fixation forceps, Corneal scissors, B.P Handal, Repositor, Needle Holder, suturetying Forceps, Tissue Scissors, Knolle Mcpherson Forceps Angled, Kelman Mcpherson forceps Angled, Sinsky Hook, Krtz Barraqur wir Eye Speculum, Westcott tenotomy Scissors, Lims Multipurpose fine teeth forceps, dastoor sup rectus forceps, "y" Hook, Blade Holder, Lens spatula, Phaco Red, Phaco Blue, Vanna's Scissors, Chalazion Clamp, chalazion Scoop, Epilation Forceps, Punctum Dilator, Lacrimal Probes, Hydro Cannule 27 = 1,26 = 2,23= 2,20 = 1,25 = 1, table, Iv stand, Patient's Table, Glass Table, Surgery Table, Surgery Light, Doctor chair, Foot step, Trolly, Suction Machine, Fumigater, Drum, Extansion Board Big, Extension Board Small, Hot Oven, Phaco Machine, Phaco Cassette, Phaco Hand Picce, Phaco Tubes, Almirah, Auto Clave, Plastic Chairs, Pt Trolly, Fan, Exhaust fan, Dust Bin, Plastic Tub, Operative Microscope, Kidney Tray Small, Bowl Big, Bowl Small, Towel clamp, Mosquito, Straight Artery, Scissor, Instrument Trolly, Eye Sheet Green, Eye Sheet White, Table Sheet, Gawn, Ot Dress, OT chappal, Ring, Hand Towel, Boyle's Apperatus, Bed, Tube Light, Bulb, Bed Side Small, Table, Doctor's Chair, Patient's chair, Almirah, Pt Table, A Scan with printer, Keratometer, Slit Lamp, Near vision Drum-Ophthalmic unit with Distant vision drum, Auto refractometer, Foot Step, O.P.D Fan, Ac, Ophthalmoscope Direct, Retinoscope (Streak), Torch, Indirect Ophthalmoscope, Telephone, Tubes, Wall clock, Bulb, Big Scissors (Pad Cutting), Tonometer Schioz

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  • 15 Apr 2013

    Old Student Meet 2012

    Old Student Meet on 08 April, 2012 Sunday in College Campus.

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  • Republic Day
  • Shivaratri
  • Holi
  • Ram Navami
  • Mahavir Jayanti
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