Lord Mahavira Homoeopathic Medical College
Established in the Sacred Memory of Lord Mahavira's 25th Nirvana Centenary
Homoeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments.
Lord Mahavira

College Rules

  1. All the students shall comply with the college rules and regulation.
  2. Regular and punctual attendance of lecture , demonstrations ,lab work, clinical and class examination is compulsory. a minimum attendance of 75% is compulsory in theory & practical.
  3. Leave or absence from classes must be taken from the head of the department. in case of illness a medical certificates by a qualified physician must be sent immediately. students should not attend classes other than their own without the permission of the principal.
  4. Students are not allowed to be paste any notice within the campus of institution without prior permission from the principal and are forbidden to address any outside authority directly , all such communications must be submitted through the principal who will forward them if considered desirable any student infringing this rule be suspended.
  5. The college does not hold itself responsible for money incurred by the students.
  6. Students are not permitted to receive presents or money from the hospital patients.
  7. Students are not allowed to use the varandha of principal's office or the indoor wards.
  8. Students must pay for all damages caused by them to books and other collage property. Breakages of apparatus of more than rs.10/- , must be paid by the students
  9. following are strictly forbidden with in the institution ;-

    1. The possession or use of alcoholic beverages
    2. The possession or use of addictive or hallucinogic drug & psycho tropic drugs
    3. The possession and use of fire arms or any lethal weapon
    4. Gambling
    5. Smoking
    6. Use of meat preparations
  10. Ragging in any way is forbidden and is punishable . ragging is defined as any willful injury or threat of injury , physical or mental, to any fellow student. ragging includes willful degrading or humiliating a fellow student where he/ she suffers distress of mind or spirit.
  11. Students are not permitted to use the collage telephone.
  12. Students must possess washable white aprons, which are to be worn at all time in collage laboratories and on hospital duty and must bring their own dissecting instruments for Anatomy.
  13. Girl student must put their hair up when working in the laboratories & hospital.
  14. Girl students are required to wear simple dress in the college . use of gaudy colored clothes shall be avoided.
  15. Serious view will be taken against all irregularities, neglect of duties, break of rules and indiscipline. the principal, in consultation with the manager or administration, will impose penalty which will be either written or verbal.
  16. The decision of the managing committee, Lord Mahavira Homeopathic medical college & hospital society shall be final and binding on students.
  17. The managing committee of lord Mahavira homeopathic medical collage & hospital reserves the right to modify, after, revise any of the rules & regulations the collage without any prior notice.

News & Events

  • 15 Apr 2013

    Old Student Meet 2012

    Old Student Meet on 08 April, 2012 Sunday in College Campus.

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College Calender

  • Republic Day
  • Shivaratri
  • Holi
  • Ram Navami
  • Mahavir Jayanti
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